May 16, 2016 by adm_zs

Your audience judges your email by the subject line. Even though subject lines may seem like a small part of your email campaign, they are actually an invitation to read the email. If the invitation isn’t enticing and alluring, your email recipients will click delete or worse yet, the spam button.

Your subject line is the first impression on the recipient. Here are a few tips to jazz up your  next email campaign with an awesome subject line:

1. Keep it short. Most experts recommend no more than 50 characters.
2. Never use “” as the sender’s address. It dehumanizes your email and makes it less likely the recipient will open it.
3. Personalize it. Add the recipient’s name as it helps build a rapport.
4. Add preview texts to email and your open rate will increase. Usually located near the subject line, the preview text gives viewers a glimpse into the content.
5. Keep it simple. The goal should be clear, understandable, less the flowery language.
6. Don’t make wild promises or you will irritate the recipient.
7. A/B test your subject line. Gentle tweaking can make a world of difference.
8. One effective way to get recipients to open emails is to create urgency. Headlines such as “today only” or “24 hour giveaway” will get the reader to act instead of putting it off.
9. Edit, edit and edit it down. Get to the point.
10. People love numbers, percentages, dollar amounts. Use numbers in your subject line whenever possible.
11. Ask a question and engage them. For example, “Do you make SEO mistakes?” or “Want to make your website work for you?”
12. If you can’t personalize the subject line, use words like “you” and “your” as these sound as if you are addressing the recipient.
13. Don’t capitalize headlines. It’s shouting, difficult to read and annoying.
14. Make your recipient feel special. For instance, “An Offer for our Special Clients” or “For our Loyal Customers Only.”
15. Include a benefit in your subject line: “Increase Open Rates” or “Generate 100% More Leads” or “Enhance Client Retention Easily.”

After you get your subject line to the peak of awesomeness, add Zephyr Salvo LiveSite calls-to-action to your email content. Create an easy way for recipients to make contact. Add an online scheduling link for a free consultation or demonstration. Or add a “pay now” button for recipients to pay an invoice. Or add a link to a scheduling menu that lists your services. Give it a try.

Written by adm_zs