April 27, 2016 by adm_zs

iStock_000078085253_DoubleBring your clients together with smart online scheduling.

Does your business schedule meetings with multiple participants? Conduct meetups, events or classes? What about invite clients to sign up for one-time or repeating workshops?

All these can involve many coordination efforts, but fear not – it can be a whole lot easier and automated. We’ve jotted down some tips for streamlining event registration and making sure your event is a success, so read on!

TIP #1: Make it easy for clients to self-register online

Your clients are used to doing pretty much everything online – ordering take out, shopping for clothes, booking a taxi and what not. The reason for that is pretty straightforward – clients like the ability to do things on their own, anytime and anywhere. So make it easy for clients to register to your event online at their own convenience – which might be at 2AM from their mobile device.

TIP #2: Confirm the registration in real-time

As clients, we’ve come to expect timely responses – even after work hours or over the weekend. If a client has just registered to next week’s workshop, let them know their registration went through with an automated email or SMS confirmation, so they can continue on with their day and not worry about it.

TIP #3: Collect payments online in advance

If you’re hosting a paid event, you probably want to get the payment aspect out of the way in advance to ensure registered clients will attend. Allow clients to pay online during the registration process and send them invoices and receipts via email. Make sure to keep track of payment status prior to the event in order to confirm all fees were collected.

TIP #4: Engage clients with notifications and reminders

We all have busy schedules to keep up with and packed calendars to prove it. Make sure to send attendees automated reminders of the upcoming event, along with details such as the online channel or real-life location the event will take place at and the staff member that will be hosting it. These reminders via email and SMS will ensure clients keep your event in mind and reduce no-shows.


Event scheduling, simplified

To automate these tasks, simplify the booking process for clients and substantially reduce your staff’s administrative efforts – you need a professional event registration solution which was built with your business in mind.

That’s where Zephyr Salvo’s scheduling software comes in, providing you with the tools to bring your clients together for a successful event.Want to focus on the event itself and not on its involved logistics?
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Written by adm_zs