December 15, 2015 by adm_zs

Do You Have an Instagram Branding Strategy? If You Don’t… You Are Missing Out?!

Instagram is on of the most useful social media website around, and having a branding strategy for it can yield excellent results. Since users cannot use links in the their posts, companies are not able to submit content just for the sake of linking. This builds a trust between the users and Instagram, causing Instagram engagement rates to be MUCH higher than most other social media websites. Check out the infographic below:

Instagram Branding Strategy

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Text from Graphic:

Instagram has the highest Brand Engagement Rate of any social Platform.

There is only one place to put a link on Instagram. Use this space wisely! Determine your goals with Instagram and use this place to link to a landing page or your website.

Appeal to the emotions of your audience when posting.

Example Posts:

  • Inspiring Quotes
  • Behind the Scenes Pics
  • Memes
  • Funny Pictures

How to Make a Deal with an Instagram Influencer

Find at least 10 to 12 influencers related to your business to target. Make contact with the influencers and ask them if they are open to Advertising Opportunities. If they say yes, the MAKE THEM AN OFFER:

  • A shout out for a shout out
  • Share Posts
  • Many Influencers with large audiences charge money for their assistance.


Written by adm_zs