April 27, 2016 by adm_zs

How to Leverage Your Website to Drive More Business

Your website plays an important role in conveying the right first impression for your business. Your site can either tell the visitor that they found the most competent and highest quality service provider or it can do the opposite. There are key areas you need to focus on when considering where your website falls when making a first impression. Here are three key points to consider.

Assess the Effectiveness of Your Site

We are usually too close to a situation to see the facts objectively. This is particularly true with our own websites. Take a moment to review your current website to see if it is working for or against you. Answer these questions, and be honest with yourself, to see how effective your website truly is:

Does your website clearly communicate what you do?
Is your site easy to navigate?
Do you consistently update your content to keep the site current and relevant?
Does your site offer vehicles to engage with you anytime, even after hours?
Is your design visually appealing?
Is your site mobile compatible and can it be viewed easily on a smartphone or tablet?
Do you use a program like Google Analytics? Do you keep track of who visits your site, where they go, how long they stay and what pages they access?

Develop an Online Strategy

Maybe you don’t need a whole new site, but more than likely it needs to be updated. So if you have not updated or refreshed your site within the last six months, it’s likely that your site needs a little love. But, don’t dive in. Your website needs a high-level plan designed to help you achieve your goals. You want your site to be a place where visitors come to learn your value and make the decision to contact.

What makes you unique? What expertise do you have that is different from others?
How do you want visitors to engage with your website? Schedule online? Email? Contact form?
How are you going to conduct social media?
Have you optimized your site with keywords and content so search engines will find you?
Does your website have a sitemap?

Website Gotta-Haves

There are some important things that your site must feature to be considered credible and relevant. These are non-negotiable elements when creating a successful and effective website.

Mobile enabled design with fresh and original graphics and links to your social media sites.
Ways for visitors to reach out, to connect with you by offering online vehicles such as online scheduling, email or messaging, the ability to make online credit card payments, share documents online on any laptop or mobile device.
Google Analytics to track visitor traffic and activities.

Your website is your single most important marketing tool. It works 24/7 so if your website needs a refresh, take time to assess your current site, create a website plan and implement a unique and content-rich site that will engage your clients. Adding Zephyr Salvo LiveSite to your website will help increase engagement 200% to 300%. Add LiveSite and presto! You have a unique 24/7 client engagement tool that works on any device. Easy to do and the rewards are great. Learn more about Zephyr Salvo LiveSite by clicking here.

Written by adm_zs