May 1, 2016 by adm_zs

Usage of mobile devices continues to increase with each passing year. In fact, according to Smart Insights, use of mobile devices has now surpassed the use of desktop computers. In light of this fact, you can be sure that a large percentage of your patients own and use mobile devices on a regular basis.

Although it may seem like mobile marketing is reserved for retail businesses, it can be valuable asset to physicians and other healthcare providers as well.

Mobile Marketing Basics

For doctors, mobile marketing involves the use of mobile devices to communicate with patients. Mobile devices may be used to send reminders, encourage patients to make an appointment or simply strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. Mobile marketing plans may also incorporate social media, mobile websites and applications.

Making a Connection with Mobile Marketing

Some mobile marketing campaigns are more effective than others, so careful planning is essential. Here are some of the best ways you can use mobile marketing to foster strong connections with patients.

1. Send appointment reminders.

When a patient has an upcoming appointment, you can use text messaging to remind the patient of the appointment’s date and time. Patients can confirm or cancel their appointments by sending a quick text back to your facility. The goal of this marketing strategy is to reduce missed appointments and encourage efficiency. Appointment reminders can be automated with the right software.

2. Send important healthcare advice.

Mobile marketing can also be used to send patients important healthcare advice or updates at various times throughout the year. For example, if the incidence of a specific illness has increased in the region, you can use text messaging to alert your patients and provide them with tips for staying healthy.

3. Facilitate two-way communication.

If you have the resources, you can use mobile marketing to encourage a dialogue between your office and its patients. You can use texting to answer patients’ questions, check in with patients who haven’t been into the office lately or simply wish a patient “happy birthday.”

4. Provide patients with test results.

In most cases, patients want their test results as quickly as possible. Using mobile technology, you can provide patients with results as soon as they become available. You can also use this technology to let patients know whether their results warrant a follow-up appointment.

5. Encourage patients to make appointments.

Sending a simple text to a patient who is due for a check-up or immunization is a great way to boost revenue and increase the effectiveness of patient care. As with appointment reminders, you can automate these text messages using the right mobile marketing software program so that you won’t have to manually send each one.

6. Send refill or medication reminders.

With the proper software, you can also send automated reminders to patients who have trouble remembering to take their required medication. In addition, you can use this same technology to remind patients to request refills on prescription medications. Not only will this demonstrate your concern to patients, but it will also help make sure that your patients are getting the medications they need to be healthy.

7. Inform patients of important changes.

If your facility hires a new doctor, purchases new equipment or joins a new provider network, mobile marketing can be used to keep patients in the loop.

In order to be efficient and sustainable, many of the strategies discussed above require a software program designed to help with mobile marketing, such as Trumpia. These strategies can also be integrated with a branded mobile app patients can download directly onto their smartphones or tablets.

Written by adm_zs