May 9, 2016 by adm_zs

MobileDevFeatWith the widespread adoption of smartphones, tablets, phablets, and more, a mobile strategy is quickly becoming a necessity for all businesses.
Studies show that, while 60 percent of SMBs consider mobile solutions essential, 93 percent of small business websites lack mobile compatibility. While many within the SMB community say they do not have the time or resources to invest in mobile, there are some simple, yet effective actions they can take to utilize the channel.

Look Toward Proven Methodologies and Technologies

There are plenty of solutions available today that can get a small business’s website optimized for mobile, from a do-it-yourself tool to completely redoing the website based on a newer, mobile-optimized template. There are also platforms that integrate directly into a company’s website that are useful for optimizing the site for mobile interactions.
Even if the site itself isn’t perfectly designed for mobile, by making key information of the business readily available — and the main actions easy to complete — it can drastically increase visits and interactions when accessed from a mobile device.
For example, make sure your home page displays your phone, address, and other essential business information. It should also provide a quick way to interact with your business and have simple, bold calls-to-action that are easy to complete from a mobile device.

Embrace Mobile in All Daily Activities

If used correctly, mobile is ideal for responding to customer requests and managing a lot of the tasks associated with customer or client interactions, such as sharing documents, coordinating appointments, or collecting payments.
Many tools integrated within a website can also send mobile notifications on new customer requests, upcoming appointments, and other events that require attention, allowing for an easy follow-up to confirm related details around a request from anywhere at anytime.

Have a Basic Understanding of Your Web Traffic

Use a tool such as Google Analytics to determine how many people access your site via a mobile device. According to Nick Weynand, president and strategy director of Trademark Media, many industries will see 20 to 30 percent (or even higher) of traffic coming from mobile sources. In other words, if a small business doesn’t have a mobile-friendly site, it may be under-serving a sizable chunk of customers.
A mobile strategy for your website is essential for ensuring customers can reach you on a preferred channel — something necessary for long-term growth given that mobile makes it easier to conduct business, improves customer service, and increases productivity.

Written by adm_zs