May 11, 2016 by adm_zs

AcceptPayFeatIf you sell products or services through your website, you are probably losing business if you don’t accept payments online. Service industries are seeing the online buying trend and are now offering a similar buying experience as online retailers. And thanks to security features, encryption and fraud protection, customers can make payments online with confidence.

Eliminate Risk

The ability to pay online lets customers easily pay services. When an online payment is made, the payment method is authorized and the money is placed immediately in the business account. The business eliminates any financial risk.

Reduce Costs

According to Finextra, the cost of traditional billing is around 9.5% of the amount collected. However, the ability to pay online reduces, if not eliminates, these costs – postage, late fees and paper, while the business can reduce additional costs of administrative, accounting, customer service and other indirect costs. Add online invoicing and a business can benefit even more.

Go Mobile

According to one global payments company, in the US, 26.7% of all online payments were made on a mobile device, a 5% growth since December 2014. And, there seems to be little easing of this growth. With such significant growth, it just makes good business sense to provide an online payment system that accommodates mobile users.

It All Adds Up

If you have yet to deploy an online payment system, it’s time to rethink the issue. Look to a solution that offers both online invoicing and online payments as this combination is a powerful tool to getting paid faster.

Make sure your online payments solution offers a mobile option so mobile users can pay you easily. One-third of all payments being made via mobile and growing so why wouldn’t you accommodate this fast growing client base?

Take a look at Zephyr Salvo LiveSite as a possible solution. Zephyr Salvo offers easy to use online engagement tools, invoicing and an online payment system so you get an end-to-end solution. The Zephyr Salvo client portal lets clients make partial or full payments with any credit card or PayPal. Invoicing and paying online could not be easier — and it works on mobile. Try Zephyr Salvo LiveSite and see for yourself.

Written by adm_zs