Real Time Sales Leads

The Zephyr Salvo Sales Lead Tool searches Twitter
in REAL TIME to find you sales leads!

Here is how it works.

First, enter a city or zip code anywhere in the continental United States.

Second, enter Keywords. These are words or phrases that describe your target market. For instance, if you owned a restaurant you might enter “Hungry”, or, “Lunch”. If you were a doctor you might enter “sick”. If you were a lawyer you might enter “car wreck”.

Third, enter the Radius around the city or zip code you entered in step one that you want to search for leads. If you enter 50 miles, the tool will only search for leads within 50 miles of the city or zip code you entered.

Step Four, how many leads do you want? Hit the FIND LEADS button. It is important to remember that this is REAL TIME, so, if you get a lot results that are not what you are looking for try again in a couple of minutes. To respond to the lead just click the VIEW MORE button next to the lead. Good Luck!

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