October 20, 2016 by adm_zs


Can your business benefit from Snapchat or Instagram?

Here are a few ways other businesses are using these platforms.

Boost Brand Awareness

Instagram and Snapchat both have their limitations. For example, you can only share one clickable link in your profile on Instagram, and snaps only last for up to 10 seconds. While these social platforms may not drive a significant amount of traffic to your site or promote your blog posts, these channels have huge potential to humanize your company. By creating a visual story around a recognizable touchpoint for your brand, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Use colorful photos of a brand mascot or persona to mark milestones, observe holidays, or even share new feature releases.

Showcase Customer Success Stories

Don’t worry if you don’t have the skills or products to make beautiful photos for Instagram. You can create beautiful Instagram feeds entirely from curated content!

With this tactic, you can promote your product, build customer goodwill,  and engage your community – all without having to pay a photographer.

Make sure each image you share is both visually appealing on its own (a must for Instagram) and an opportunity for you to highlight the use cases for your product.

Create Visibility at Events

Geofilters, in Snapchat’s words, “are special overlays that communicate the ‘where and when’ of a Snap in a fun way.” They are created by local artists to highlight a city or landmark or purchased by a brand to promote an event.

Whether you’re an attendee or a host, there are two benefits benefits of using Snapchat’s branded geofilters at events. First, you are encouraging attendee engagement by offering a unique way for the guests to show their followers where they are and what they’re doing in real time. Second, you boost awareness of your brand by being included in others’ curated Snapchat stories.

Attract New Talent

The workforce is getting younger, with Millennials now the largest generation composing the U.S. labor force. Snapchat, the video- and photo-sharing app that recently surpassed Twitter in daily users, is hugely popular with teens and 20-somethings, and is growing in popularity with the over-30 crowd.

If you’re looking to attract that demographic, consider incorporating Snapchat into your marketing strategy.

While business-to-consumer (B2C) brands have been using the app for some time, many B2B brands have been more wary. However, some companies are embracing Snapchat, especially as a way to share their company’s culture and values.

To get your business started on Snapchat, have a plan in place to publish content on a regular basis.

Share a variety of content including photos, videos, and drawings to feature employees from all over the company, and follow those snaps with trackable links, which leads to a blog post about sales careers.

Written by adm_zs