WEB ROI Platform

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The WEB ROI Platform can be connected to any website whether we built it or not. The WEB ROI Platform is a comprehensive hub that tracks all sales lead data from your website, phone calls, and online ad campaigns giving you a complete picture of your online ROI. Additionally, the platform features On Call Web Support, Google Analytics reporting, and a Real Time Sales Lead Tool to help you find instant customers.

Zephyr Salvo Web ROI Platform Preview on Mobile Devices

The Zephyr Salvo WEB ROI Platform has six components.

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  • Sales Lead Tracking
  • On Call Website Updates, Changes, and Fixes
  • On Call Video Editing
  • YouTube Video Studio
  • Real Time Sales Lead Tool
  • Google Analytics

Sales Lead Tracking

Web Form Tracking

  • Instant Form Tracking. Track existing forms.  No form changes needed.
  • Additional Form Data. Automatically record and save traffic source, medium, campaign and more with each form submission.
  • Complete Lead Detail. All form data stored for reporting evaluation and sales tracking.
  • Keywords and Campaign Level Tracking. Keyword and campaign data appended to each form lead received.
  • E-Commerce Tracking. Track all of your e-commerce transactions
  • Chat Tracking. Track all of your website chat sessions
  • Event Tracking. Track custom events that happen on your website like downloads and video plays

Phone Call Tracking

  • Dynamic Phone Number Insertion. Using DPNI we track calls on your website by dynamically swapping out your telephone number for a tracking number assigned to a traffic source or keyword.
  • Keyword and Campaign Level Tracking. Keyword and campaign data appended to each call received.
  • Easy Tracking. We can track by traffic source of campaign
  • Call Recording. Record phone calls for lead qualifications or training.
  • Call Greeting Message. Automated greeting for caller.
  • Call Whisper Message. Message for party receiving the call so you can be alerted the call is coming from your website or campaign without the caller knowing.

Real Time Reporting

Web ROI Platform - Real Time Reporting
  • Reporting Beyond Analytics. Business reports that web analytics can’t give you.
  • Total Leads Report. See total leads tracked by method and source
  • Quotable Leads Report
  • Quote and Sales Value Report
  • Measure More Meaningful Metrics. Business value reported by marketing source.
  • Total Leads. See all leads generated from your marketing.
  • Quotable or Qualified Leads. Simply qualify leads with one click
  • Quote and Sales Value. Add a quote value and sales value to a lead, even for long sales cycles.

Sales Lead Management

Web ROI Platform - Sales Leads Management
  • Manage Leads. Use real business value and manage all of your leads in one place.
  • Lite Lead Management. Store and keep track of phone calls, web form leads, chat sessions, and more.
  • Manage Leads. Web forms, phone calls, e-commerce transactions, chat sessions and more in a central report tied to their marketing source.
  • Simple Search. Easily search for leads and quotes by name, company email, or telephone number.
  • Field Mapping. Map fields from different form into a common reporting columns.

Lead and Contact Qualification

New Lead! - Zephyr Salvo Web ROI Platform
  • Not all calls or form submissions are qualified leads.
  • Add Business Value. Our simple feedback loop allows you to rate leads and add business value.
  • One Click Qualification. Using our simple feedback loop easily qualify calls, forms, and chats.
  • Simple Messaging. After each lead you receive a quick email asking “Is this a quotable/qualified lead?”  Click Yes or No and you’re done.
  • Track Sales. Keep track of sales from the original source, even on long sales cycles.  All sales tied to marketing source and method.

On Call Website Updates, Changes, and Fixes

On Call Changes, Fixes, and Updates - Zephyr Salvo Web ROI Platform

The Zephyr Salvo WEB ROI Platform gives you direct access to the Zephyr Salvo programming and design team. Request changes, updates, fixes – upload video, pictures, new content – even from your cell phone – whatever change needs to happen we will take care of it for you. We are your on-call website maintenance department!

On Call Video Editing

Want to start a YouTube channel, or perhaps your own video blog? We’ve got you covered with the Zephyr Salvo On-Call Video Editing Studio! The Zephyr Salvo On-Call Video Editing Studio is a first of its’ kind. Optimized keyword rich video increases your organic search rankings. Your subscription package gives you access to the video editing department at Zephyr Salvo. What this means is, you can shoot footage with your smart phone and then upload the raw footage with instructions to the WEB ROI Platform. Once the request is received, our video department edits your footage with graphics and then distributes the final edited video with search-friendly keywords across all of your social media channels and blog. Zephyr Salvo is your Online Video Department!

On Call Video Editing - Zephyr Salvo Web ROI Platform

YouTube Video Studio

Web ROI Platform - Web Video Studio - Erin in Red
Web Video Studio - Zephyr Salvo Web ROI Platform

The Zephyr Salvo WEB ROI Platform gives you access to our in-house Green Screen Studio for creating Video Blog Posts for your Blog and Social Media Accounts, Creating Promo Videos for YouTube, or even Client Testimonials for your website.

We have everything already set up for you, just bring a script! Lights, camera, teleprompter, microphones, crew… we even edit your graphics for your presentation when your video is complete and distribute the final video across all of your social media channels…. Zephyr Salvo is your personal Web Video Studio!

Real Time Sales Lead Tool

WEB ROI Platform - Real Time Sales leads Tool

The Zephyr Salvo Sales Lead Tool searches social media in REAL TIME to find you sales leads!

Developed by the Zephyr Salvo marketing and programming team, this tool searches social media in real time to find you potential new customers right now! Just enter your zip code and a few keywords and boom, you will instantly get real time sales leads based on the search criteria you entered. All you have to do is respond to the lead with an offer! No more networking events or cold calls!

Google Analytics

WEB ROI Platform - Google Analytics

The Zephyr Salvo WEB ROI Platform includes Google Analytics. Google Analytics lets you measure your online ad campaign traffic, video, and social networking sites and applications.



  • WEB ROI Dashboard
  • 1 Hour/month On-Call Website Support
  • 48 hr. turnaround
  • Hosting with Managed Site Security

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  • WEB ROI Dashboard
  • Social Media Set Up – We set up and brand your social media business accounts – Twitter, Facebook, YELP!, Google+, LinkedIN, YouTube, Instagram.
  • Social Media Post Formatting – We turn uploaded content into Optimized Tweets, Facebook, LinkedIN, and Instagram Posts.
  • 3 Hours/month On-Call Website Support
  • 24 hr. turnaround
  • Hosting with Managed Site Security

*See below for special